What Age Should I Start Using Collagen?

Collagen is among the most abundant proteins. It represents a huge 30% of all the protein in your entire body, and most of the protein in your skin!

With so much talk about why collagen is good for skin, lots of my lovely customers often ask me what age I should start using collagen.

In my helpful article, we will discover the answer to what age you should start using collagen, along with other super important facts, such as when you start losing collagen, who benefits from collagen, and the crucial age you need to start adding elasticity back into your skin!

Let’s start with the mini takeaway so you can start putting back crucial collagen for a flawless complexion. So what age should you start using collagen?

Generally, you can start using collagen to improve your skin's elasticity and prolong a youthful glow in your early twenties. There are currently no scientific studies that give an exact age but collagen starts to diminish roughly around the age of 25.

So now we’ve got the brief nailed you can start using some beautiful collagen-boosting serums and other skincare right away!

 Let's start our discovery of what age you should start using collagen, by finding out that crucial time when you might start losing elasticity in your skin.

When do you start losing collagen?

As we saw earlier, it’s surprising to discover that lack of collagen isn’t just reserved for our skin in ’50s as we mature, but starts to disappear in our twenties.

According to some scientific studies, it’s encouraging to find out that we can actually reverse the process, by including collagen serums in our beauty regime, whether you are 25 or 55!

One of the crucial findings by experts is that vitamin A can stimulate collagen in people of all ages!

This is often an ingredient in high-quality collagen-boosting serums and other products we sometimes see on ingredient lists as Retinol.

A hero ingredient that is plant-based and vegan friendly can speed up healing by hydrating and moisturising skin effectively to promote a healthy epidermis ( this is the top layer of your skin).

Whilst we are young, during puberty and also when we reach early adulthood, our body will produce plenty of collagen.

The gradual decline from your 20’s

As we enter our middle 20’s, unfortunately, the amount of collagen which gives our skin a youthful glow begins to decline.

Currently, there is no real scientific research as to the exact age at which your collagen production begins to decline will vary between individuals but it’s usually around 25.

From the age of 25, your body will produce around 1% less collagen per year.

Around 59, collagen reduces significantly

Although you might not see any difference, it begins to decline in your skin which can see wrinkles and other signs of ageing appear gradually.  

Around the age of 50, however, collagen production diminishes very significantly, and visible ageing accelerates.

Even more so in women due to menopause where a significant amount of collagen is lost in the first 5 years.

      “The exact age at which your collagen production begins to decline will vary between individuals but it’s usually around 25.”

 So although you might have thought that using collagen serums and other high-quality collagen products isn’t necessary until you have matured in age, let’s discover more about this power-packed protein!

Who benefits most from using collagen? Age and lifestyle

So although you may not be seeing any difference yet on the surface of your skin, by starting good practices and adding collagen products to your beauty regime, you can protect your skin from age-related problems such as lack of elasticity and wrinkles.

Add a vitamin stacked collagen serum to your skin collection in your early twenties and you will help to protect your skin from unwanted wrinkles and keep a youthful glow.

Athletic lifestyle

If you have a demanding lifestyle, you may find that the signs of aging can catch up with you more rapidly.

If you’re athletic or enjoy all kinds of demanding physical exercise, a collagen serum hydrates, lifts and brightens the face, and is a simple and effective addition to your skincare routine.

Collagen is a major constituent of muscle tissue, so it makes sense to give your skin a collagen boost if you are busy in team sports, at the gym, or maybe even paddleboarding!

Collagen, as I discussed in our introduction is one of the main proteins making up the tissues of your joints.

So along with beautiful cruelty-free collagen serums, it might also benefit those athletes amongst us to take collagen as a supplement to help prevent wear and tear on precious muscle tissue.

     “If you’re athletic or enjoy all kinds of demanding physical exercise, a collagen serum hydrates, lifts and brightens the face”

Photodamaged skin.

According to scientific study, those of us who don’t regularly use sunscreen on our skin may suffer from photodamaged skin which in turn decreases collagen

The same study concludes that sun damage can be a no.1 factor in the reduction of natural collagen at any age.

As you age, skin may become more sun damaged, but even if you are in your early twenties and have significant sun expose, you might benefit from a little collagen boost to your skin.

oxygen radical skin damage

In our busy daily lives, most of us experience all kinds of environments which may be harsh on our skin.

From a meeting in the city, through to exhaust fumes and even a swim in the local pool.

This kind of oxygen radical skin damage over time will reduce the collagen whatever age you are.

Younger people may even be more susceptible to the effects of a busy lifestyle than older counterparts, so even if you are just embarking on your first internship in your early twenties, your skin would benefit from some extra collagen formulation and stabilisation of collagen proteins.


And finally…

Many of my fabulous customers often get in touch to ask me a raft of collagen based questions! So I hope this has given you all the answers you need on when you should start using collagen!

Here at Khoe Skin I take your skin seriously! I also know you are deeply concerned with the environment and cruelty to animals. So for that reason, all our beauty products and serums are vegan and cruelty free.

I also use the best quality ingredients designed to penetrate deep into the skin, working to boost collagen production, and providing your skin with a smoother, and more youthful appearance leaving you to feel nothing but good moods.

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